How do I buy a Bike?

          Just give us a call and we will get you your bikes ASAP: (303)469-2700.

How fast does an Electric Bike go?

          It depends on the bike.  They range from 20-28 MPH using only the electric motor.  When you peddle, they can go even faster.

What if I want to peddle?

          Good question!  You can peddle when you want to and use the motor when you want as well.  You can use them together or separately.

How long does the battery last?

          The batteries last 20-35 miles depending on the bike.  But this is still a bike, so if you use the peddles too, it can go thousands of miles!!


The electric motor alone can take you to 20+ MPH!


But you can create your own speed by peddling when you want to!

If you hit a steep hill just use the battery and you will fly right up!


Combine the electric motor with the peddles to go places you never imagined!


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